Our farming associates

Recently the TCMG has made closer contact with a number of farmers and grain dealers who recognise the growing market for specialist flours and cereal products. They include, for example:

Howard Roberts from Hammonds End Farm, near Harpenden in Hertfordshire, who is not only supplying wheat, rye and spelt to his local mill, Redbournbury Watermill, literally just down the road, but he is also supplying to a number of other Guild mills.

Then there is Organic Arable, based near Cambridge, an independent farmer-controlled business specialising in marketing organic grains and pulses, which works closely with a number of Guild mills.

Many Guild mills buy direct from local or specialist farms, who grow grain to meet individual requirements.

If you are a grain farmer interested in working with your local mill or with the Guild as a whole please get in touch – we’re also interested in heritage grain and older varieties like the long strawed Maris Widgeon so favoured by thatchers. Many of our members mill relatively small quantities, so even the odd tonne or two is of interest.

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