In this section you’ll find some archive material from our previous website, along with Minutes of previous meetings, via the links :

October 2014 Meeting at Maud Foster Mill, Boston

March 2015 Meeting at Mill Green Mill, Hatfield

  1. Dan Lepard articles.

Dan Lepard, the baker and writer on bread and baking, had a regular column in the Guardian Weekend magazine’s food pages for some time, and in July 2011 he wrote a series about traditional mills and flour:  “For the next month, I’ll be waving the flag for the great watermills and windmills of Britain, because the flour they produce is essential for the best breadmaking. With the help of the Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings, the Traditional Cornmillers Guild and Sustain’s “Real Bread” campaign, these mills show that renewable energy can produce superb flours. Visit a traditional mill this summer, buy flour and adapt your baking to suit the particular characteristics of slow stone-milling.”

Full story in this link to the Guardian website

On 9th July he wrote about how to make a Seeded Rye and Wheat Loaf.

On 22nd July, Dan wrote about unbleached white flour, mentioning Maud Foster Windmill and Claybroooke Watermill.

And in the final article, on 29th July, the focus turns to stone-milled wholewheat in cakes, and the welcome weightiness it lends to spice cakes in particular.

2. You and Yours Interview.

In 2013 our erstwhile Chairman Jonathan Cook was interviewed on You and Yours on BBC Radio 4 on Monday 11th June. You can catch it via this link

You’ll find him about 15 minutes into the programme, along with Michael Stoate of Cann Mills, some artisan bakers, and others…well worth a listen !

3. Crop to Crust Conference

On 16th April 2011, at the NFU Mutual HQ in Stratford the  SPAB Mills section and TCMG hosted an excellent conference promoting traditional milling, artisan baking, and close working with farmers growing grain.The quest for better bread has driven the development of cornmills thoughout history. The ability of the miller to produce flour to satisfy the demands of the baker’s customers has been, and remains, a matter of survival for the working mill. From Crop to Crust  explored the various skills of the miller, through a combination of talks, workshops and exhibitions, including:

• Flour production over the centuries

• Development of machinery to meet bakers’ needs and public tastes.

• Differences between the 21st Century commercial and domestic flour markets

• The life of the artisan miller and baker in the 21st Century

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