Mills in Scotland

Scotland has always made good use of waterpower, and continues to develop tidal, wave and hydro power for electricity generation. Historically watermills were important (eg in the Orkneys and Shetland, and several on the Clyde and on the Waters of Leith). Most have long gone but a few have been preserved or restored, spectacularly at New Lanark on the Clyde, now a world heritage site, but also at places incuding Barry Mill, near Dundee (National Trust for Scotland); Preston Mill, near Dunbar (National Trust for Scotland); Abbey Mill, New Abbey, near Dumfries (Historic Scotland); and Blair Atholl. Windmills are scarce – one pumping mill for salt panning at St Monans on the Fife Coast; and another being restored at Carluke, near Lanark.

At present the only TCMG member mill is Golspie Watermill, in the picture above, in Sutherland.

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