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About the Traditional Cornmillers Guild

The Guild provides information, support and advice about and for the incrWaterwheel detaileasing numbers of traditional windmills and watermills that have remained in production or have been brought back into full working order in Britain. Whenever possible member mills use wind or water turning sails or waterwheels as their primary source of power. They all mill stoneground flours using horizontal millstones.
In the past traditional mills performed a vital role in feeding both people and animals, and were a familiar sight in most towns and many villages. The Guild promotes the production and use of stoneground flours, and has strong links with farmers and artisan bakers, as well as those who like to make their own bread at home. It is very heartening to see that, since its establishment in the 1980s, many British mills have
been saved, restored, and, very often, brought back into full working order – perhaps more than in any other country. Together we meet and encourage a growing demand for local, distinctive, and home produced flours.

Most of the Guild mills are open to visitors and many have millshops, tea
rooms, milltours, and associated events Golspie Mill stones
and activities to offer. Click on the dropdown menus for details of individual mills. They are usually in interesting and beautiful places. Mills are particularly popular with children and make for a very educational and enjoyable day out for schools.

A good place to start if you are interested in finding our more about our mills is by having a look our film, via the link below.


We are always pleased to hear from people associated with traditional working mills who are interested in membership.

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National Mills Weekend

Coming up soon….13th and 14th May. Full details via this link.

Possible Threat to Priors Mill, Swaffham Prior.

Priors Mill is at risk of losing wind if a proposed development nearby goes ahead. Our former Chairman, Jonathan Cook, who runs the mill, has posted all the details via this link. There is also a petition to sign. Please support Jon in has campaign.

Next TCMG Members Meeting :

Date & Venue  of Autumn 2017 Meeting to be confirmed:

From Quern to Computer

The Mills Archive Flour Milling History Project including timelines, extended descriptive articles and a booklet. To add information contact Claire Wooldridge, Learning and Engagement Manager,  Mills Archive,  0118 950 2052.

French Milling Conference in May 2017

Click here for details.


Crop to Crust Conference Report

Click here


More old,  news,  including an article  on threats to Europe’s watermills from EU Water Framework Directive; and a link to TIMS News, full of all matters molinological!