Folic Acid Consultation

The Government consultation on its proposal to make fortification of flour with folic acid mandatory, ie compulsory under law has now closed and we await a decision. Very many thanks to all those who wrote to their MPs, signed the petition, arranged for customers to sign the petition, and filled in the lengthy consultation document.

The consultation document with associated links can be seen via this link .

You can read the TCMG submission TCMG Response 8th September 2019

The on-line petition to Nadine Dorries, MP,  Secretary of State for Health, requesting exemption has attracted over 4,000 signatures – thanks to all who signed this.

The TCMG was represented at the All Party Parliamentary Food and Health Forum meeting held at the House of Lords on 12th February 2019. The guest speakers were Kate Steele, Chief Executive of Shine, an organisation that supports people affected by neutral tube defects; Professor Nicholas Wald, who pioneered antenatal screening for congenital malformation ; and Alex Waugh, Director General of the National Association of British and Irish Millers. You can read the Minutes via this link.

The TCMG, with support from the SPAB Mills Section,  has prepared a Position Paper. This has been updated and is now available via this link. Folic Acid Consultation Response Document Release July 2019.

If you are a member of the TCMG then please go to the MEMBERS PAGES section of this website where you will find a draft letter to go to your MP along with a report. If you have forgotten the password please contact the website coordinator via