Eastern England

Flat, dry and windy, East Anglia and Lincolnshire are England’s “bread basket”, and rightly associated with some of the country’s finest windmills. Tall, proud sentinels, they played a vital role in wartime, guiding weary pilots home. Today many are back in production, including a trio of Guild Mills in Lincolnshire : Five Sailed Windmill in Alford; Maud Foster Windmill in Boston; and Sibsey Trader Windmill near Boston. Further south, two fine Cambridgeshire windmills – Swaffham Prior Windmill and Wicken Village Windmill – eye each other across the fields, close by Ely Cathedral, the magnificent “Ship of the Fens”. There are watermills too, spring fed as you would expect of wetlands and fens:  the imposing Letheringsett Watermill, near Holt; and Pakenham Watermill, near Bury St Edmunds.

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