Rural Food Initiatives

The Traditional Cornmillers Guild is very much at home in a world where consumers are increasingly aware of the benefits of organic farming, concerned about the impact of our carbon footprint, the concept of ‘food miles’ and are looking for local, fresh, and simple food. Our members have been promoting traditional stoneground flour milling, sourcing locally grown organic wheat and the use of renewable energy since 1987.

There are several organisations promoting local, fresh and regional foods, as well advising on Community Supported Agriculture, Farmers’ Markets, Community owned and managed shops, transition towns, etc. Taken together these organisations demonstrate how people are taking matters  into their own hands, because they care about:

  • their food and how it is grown, processed and cooked
  • their place and how it looks and is managed
  • their community and how its interests are protected and developed

They include:

  • The Plunkett Foundation, helping rural communities through community-ownership to take control of the issues affecting them, including Promoting and supporting the development of community food and farming enterprises across England through leading the Making Local Food Work programme and other community food and farming enterprises.
  • Slow Food UK, working to promote the greater enjoyment of food through a better understanding of its taste, quality and production.
  • The Soil Association, who promote organic farming and food.
  • Farmers markets, run at a local or regional level all over the country, Google to find one near you.

Traditional mills welcome opportunities to work with and support these local food initiatives.

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