The Midlands

Claybrooke Watermill, Heage Windmill,and Tuxford Windmill, like many Guild Mills, have all been brought back to working order thanks to the skill, determination and dedication of individuals, families or voluntary groups.  Many people can trace milling ancestors, but not many can claim an unbroken association over several generations. The Guild is fortunate to have a few such families, including the Howells of Offley Watermill, a modest, honest-to-goodness Staffordshire mill still concentrating on quietly grinding away, far from the public gaze. Picturesque Charlecote Watermill, in Shakespeare country, is, by contrast, is something of a celebrity film star. So too Whissendine Windmill in Rutland regularly sends photographers searching for a long-forgotten corner of old England into raptures of delight.

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