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In this section you’ll find items of news about mills and associated events that might be of general interest. If you have a news story about mills that you think would be of interest please let us know.

There’s a milling conference coming up in May 2017 in France.

The Federation of Mills of France , in partnership with the association Moleriae and France Hydro Electricity , with the sponsorship of Ministry of Culture and Communication , organizes the European Day of the Mills and Heritage millstone on 20 and 21 May 2017.

The aim of these days is to offer the general public the opportunity to learn about the mill, industrial heritage, through archeology, history, the environment, its techniques, different energies, its different uses of yesterday and today, its components, the landscapes he could shape for hundreds of years, its people and finally its various conversions.

Millstone, oil, flour, cider, chocolate, spices, mustard, Vichy pastille, olives, walnuts, hazelnuts, sugar, starch, vermicellerie, Cassava, powder, black animal, clover, hemp harvester, earthenware, madder, pastels, ocher, linen, silk, beads, artificial flowers, gun, clogs, ore, stone, harvester, glassware, ouaterie, rope, saw mill, carding, taillanderie, refinery, forge, hammer, patouillet ,, Boccard, martinet, stationery, Maillerie, pump, electricity, water, wind, animal, boat, tidal reach, weir floor, tailrace discharge valves, workers, fishery hauler turns. … behind each of these words and many others, hide mills.

We offer to individuals, communities, associations, owners, organizers, researchers, historians to participate in these days: open his mill (or report open) organize a picnic, hike, propose an exhibition, a conference, a rally … ..and many other events that could focus on this heritage.

For Information contact :

Mrs. Dominique Charpentier
Vice-President in charge of communication
Federation Des Moulins de France
In charge of Days Moulins
Moulin de La Barthe – 33540 BLASIMON
+33 963 279 690a







Click this link to an article by Wouter Pfeiffer, our Dutch miller friend,  who highlights the potentially damaging effect of a proposed EU directive intended to protect the free movement of fish. One unintended consequence is the unnecessary removal of weirs, which, if they are part of the water supply to a nearby mill, renders the mill inoperable as it removes the source of power. There are literally “ways round” this, eg fish ladders, and, as has been pointed out, mills and fish have co-existed happily for hundreds of years, so why change a system that is working ?

If you have direct positive or negative experience of the impact of this directive on your mill or a mill that you know about please let us know, so that we can send on to Wouter.

TIMS (The International Molinological Society) NEWS 

Spring 2016 issue of E-News is now ready and can be downloaded by clicking on one of the following links:

The standard version

The printable version (without the blue band on the left side)

In this issue

  • agenda of National and Regional Mill Days as well as a conference in Spain;
  • several archeological topics;
  • news from the Nordic countries Denmark and Finland;
  • new mill literature to be found;
  • the usual range of news, mill links and other mill items.


Great British Mill Race_Launching 14 May 2016 poster

The Mills Archive host a huge database of 10,000+ mills all over the UK.  This includes all the mills in the UK that we know of, with each mill having an individual profile page.  As you can imagine – keeping this information up to date, adding new mills and new images of mills is an enormous challenge!

This is where we need your help.

Members of the public will be encouraged to upload photographs and comments to a web form hosted on our website, relating to mills they have seen or visited all over the UK.  This information will be used to update and improve our existing Mills Index of over 10,000 mills.

The survey – The Great British Mill Race – will be launched in May 2016, to coincide with the National Mills Weekend.  The total duration of the survey will be May 2016 – Autumn 2017.

We are finalising the IT requirements of the survey.  Stay up to date with our latest progress on our blog: Mill Writing, on our Facebook page and twitter feed.


Save Lancashire’s Mill Museums just posted an update on the petition you signed, Councillor Jennifer Mein: Save Lancashire’s Mill Museums.Mar 18, 2016 — Well done everyone! Your support and dedication to this cause means that the Mill Museums will remain open until September! It’s not forever, so we must keep campaigning for groups to step forward to take over running them. What a great success! Read more

The True Story Of America’s Authentic Dutch Windmill

Check this link to a radio interview with Alisa:

Radio interview with Alisa Crawford

Alisa Crawford writes :

Your members also might like to know that I have written a book about our wonderful Dutch windmill here in our Holland. I just received a State History Award for it. The title is De Zwaan: The True Story of America’s Authentic Dutch Windmill. It is available through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and also the publisher’s website of  De Zwaan Windmill

Alisa Crawford, De Zwaan’s miller—and the only Dutch certified miller in the United States—shares a fascinating look at the story of this historic structure as well as other American- and Dutch-built windmills. Through years of research and interviews with people connected to De Zwaan, she reveals the true origins of its construction, the damage it sustained in World War II, its journey to America, its resurrection as a working mill, its rise as a premier Midwestern attraction, and even the effect its relocation had on the village of Vinkel. r members also might like to know that I have written a book about our wonderful Dutch windmill here in our Holland. I just received a State History Award for it. The title is De Zwaan: The True Story of America’s Authentic Dutch Windmill. It is available through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and also the publisher’s website of
By Alisa Crawford   (About Crawford)  

America’s only authentic operational Dutch windmill, De Zwaan serves as Holland, Michigan’s iconic connection to the community’s roots. Believed to have been built in 1761, then moved to the village of Vinkel in North Brabant, The Netherlands, where it produced flour for eighty years, the windmill was dismantled, shipped to the United States, and reassembled in 1964. For more than a half-century, “The Swan” (the translation of De Zwaan) has drawn visitors from all over the world.

Delivering the only complete story of this working mill and an extraordinary collection of images spanning its life in the Netherlands and America, this book is a collector edition to commemorate De Zwaan’s productive and lengthy career and the City of Holland’s commitment to this significant monument of living history.