History of Watermills

4 thoughts on “Watermilling

  1. Hi As a volunteer at a couple of watermills is it normal to produce wholemeal wheat flour using French Burr stones.


    • Good Morning Frank,
      Thank you for your message. You said you are a volunteer at a couple of watermills. Can I possibly ask which ones? Do they use French Burr Stones.
      Regards Lesley


      • Hi Lesley
        Yes I volunteer at a watermill which uses French Burr to mill wholemeal flour. As an inexperienced amateur I believe our failure to produce any meaning full quantity 35kg to 45kg in a 5 hour day is mainly down to us using the French Burr Stones. We are now struggling with an excessive amount of large bran flakes.
        Would you support my theory that we have probably damaged the stone surfaces and the only solution is to now get these stones dressed by a competent millwright?


      • Hi Frank

        I hope you got the 2 emails I sent you last night. If not please let me know and I will send them via the website.


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